American Black Walnut Real Wood Veneer Washroom by Sylan at CONNECT110NS development in Glasgow.
Bespoke veneer flush-fronted cubicles by Sylan at CONNECT110NS development in Glasgow.

Sylan Real Wood Veneer Environmental Washrooms
Luxury commercial washrooms to create the right impression at Queens Street, Glasgow

Glasgow is establishing itself as a ‘world city’ on the backlash of recent successes such as the Commonwealth Games in summer 2014. This warrants a regeneration of the city demanding iconic developments – such as the 110 Queen Street (CONNECT110NS) office and retail space. Sylan were subcontracted by BAM to carry out the manufacture and installation of the corporate washrooms.

BAM in partnership with the Scottish Government created the high-quality development with a staggering £50million funding – the biggest office development outside of London in many years. The 9 storey building is placed in a strategic location in the heart of the city; the former bank site on the ‘style mile’ which towers over the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) on the corner of Ingram Street. 

The vision was to deliver the best office building at the heart of Glasgow City Centre. The washrooms had to reflect this vision just as much as the external façade; the Sylan cubicles in American Black Walnut Real Wood Veneer complemented the development perfectly. The bespoke Veneer gives the flush-fronted cubicles the essence of quality and grandeur to effectively capture the vision.

Sylan is a cubicle range like no other which exudes pure luxury. Well built, precision crafted and so detailed in design; this was the obvious choice for the CONNECT110NS development to give the perfect finish to the building and successfully achieve the desired vision. Sylan has a supreme level of finish meaning it can be customised without the compromise.

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