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Top 6 Luxury Washrooms trend of 2023


Luxury washrooms used to be all about marble, gold leaf, fancy taps and expensive mirrors. But as fashions and trends adapt and evolve, so did this term. Whereas luxury was once all about indulgence and wealth, now it is much more than this. High end bathrooms and luxury washrooms now aim to provide an experience from their visual appeal to ensuring they have all the amenities and accessibility for all users. They are spacious and well decorated, and they are stylish. The luxury tag has become a fashion trend and a way to stand out from other businesses. As a provider and designer of high end, beautifully crafted cubicles, basins and more, we have collated our top 6 design trends 2023 for luxury washrooms.


Smart Technology for Luxury Washrooms

During Covid-19, appliances such as hands-free soap dispensers and motion activated taps became more popular, to help stop the spread of the virus.

Since then, we have seen an influx of smart technology for luxury washrooms. A smart washroom isn’t just about eradicating the spread of bacteria; it is also about reducing costs and being able to analyse the traffic flow to help you ensure you have enough soap, toilet roll etc. It can also help you become more environmentally friendly by reducing your carbon footprint.

As technology evolves, so does smart technology and we are seeing many more appliances appear in the market to make luxury washrooms easier to maintain, clean and monitor.

Space and Light through mirrors

There is more than one reason we launched our mirror boxes this year. In the past few years, we have seen mirrors being used much more in luxury washrooms across the country.

These aren’t just for practical use (applying makeup, checking hair etc), but also to help the space appear brighter and more spacious. They are also a great space saving solution which helps towards a more minimalistic design. What’s more luxurious than a larger, brighter washroom?


Flush fronted cubicle designs for a luxury washroom finish

Another commercial luxury washroom trend we have seen grow in 2023 are flush fronted cubicles. These hide all the door fixtures and fittings when closed and help make a commercial washroom look more high-end with a luxury feel. We offer a wide range of flush fronted cubicles in an array of materials. This means, no matter whether you opt for the stylish, but strong, solid surface cubicle, or the classic, timeless wood veneer you can get the same luxury flush-fronted finish.

Biophilic Designs

If you have an interest in or work in industries such as interior design or architecture this will be a term you may have heard a lot of in the last few years and not just surrounding luxury washrooms.

A biophilic design is one which plants and nature heavily influence. This could be through colour, materials used or even simply by adding plants. The theory behind this luxury washroom design is that plants, nature and the environment have a calming effect on humans, so adding these into a design will in theory, exude a sense of calmness in the room or space it is added to.

Since it became popular, biophilic designs have been implemented everywhere, from train stations to waiting rooms, and we love how it also influences new luxury washrooms.

High Spec Finishes

Gone are the days of basic plastic or metal cubicles and ceramic wash basins. Another luxury washroom design trend of 2023 is high spec finishes.

By this, we mean real wood veneer, frosted glass and large tiles (to name a few) to add that extra bit of style. The range of materials you can now utilise for your luxury washrooms means you don’t need to go for something simple and practical. The high spec finishes can be just as practical but with that extra wow factor.

These finishes can accentuate any luxury washroom products and can often match your branding colours and style to ensure your clients or visitors have the full brand experience when they come to see you. The little details can leave the biggest impressions, and these can provide your luxury washrooms with a sumptuous, beautiful finish.



With the increased media coverage of climate change and the effect we all have had on the environment, more companies are becoming more aware of their own impact on the world around them and opting for more sustainable solutions.

These are being sought out in all areas throughout the business, from travel to logistics. But did you know sustainable luxury washrooms (link to Sylan environmental page) are another area companies can be more eco-friendly? This means that by opting for this, companies can still have their stylish, luxury washrooms but with the bonus of positively impacting the environment. These luxury washrooms can be sustainable through the materials used to the processes used to create the cubicles, basins etc.


How Can Sylan Washrooms help with your luxury washrooms refurb?

At Sylan Washrooms, you can be assured of high quality, bespoke solutions to meet all your requirements. From our Sylan Glass cubicles to real wood veneer finishes, we have a wide array of beautiful finishes and colours to ensure we match your brand or colour scheme. Our team will help you create luxury washrooms which are beautifully engineered and customised to your requirements.


Contact a member of our team today to discover how we can help you with your next commercial luxury washrooms project. Alternatively, download our brochure to view our full range of luxury washrooms and cubicles.